All Inclusive Getaways? It’s Not Just for The Caribbean

For many of us the idea of going to an all inclusive resort brings up images of a young couple enjoying a Caribbean getaway during the colder months or maybe a family getaway. Living in New England and being subject to advertisements from places like Sandals, teasing warmer weather during winter from all inclusive’s from Jamaica to Cancun has lead me to believe it is mostly a Caribbean or Mexico thing? How about Europe?

This year skip The Caribbean and head here

This year skip The Caribbean and head here

If you aren’t to familiar with the all inclusive resorts, the concept is fairly straightforward. When you book your stay everything is included, everything! All meals, all drinks including beer and mixed beverages as well. Many places also include activities such as sailing, tennis, and live shows as well. I have to say that heading off to an all inclusive resort has more of the vacation vibe vs a “traveler” feel to it. Ever got back from traveling and said aloud “I need a vacation”? Then this is it. Sometimes you just want to have fun and leave everything behind, why not leave your wallet behind too. You arrive, put your wallet in your room safe and there it stays while you chill out and indulge into good food and drinks with no bill at the end!

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