Day Trip Outside Prague – The Bone Church

If you are heading to Prague and feel the urge for something macabre take a trip to Kutna Hora – Sedlac and visit the “Bone Church”. 

The Bone Church

The Ossuary is a Roman Catholic Church and contains an estimated 40,000 plus human remains. Bones and skulls stacked in pyramids as well as articulately created sculptures and chandeliers adorn the lower level of this church. It is said that the abbot of the church returned to this church from a trip to Palestine in the 13th century with a pocketful of soil and sprinkled it around the cemetery. This made it a highly desirable place to be buried. Though, after the 30 year war in the 17th century and the earlier Black Plague they simply ran out of space. Myth is that half blind monks whom may have gone mad, exhumed the bodies and began stacking them in the pyramid shapes seen today. It was later in the mid 1800′s that the Schwarzenberg family (wealthy land owners) commissioned wood-carver Frantisek Rint to make the “bone art” as way to show appreciation for life and how quick it can be. 

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